Lettering Tips – How I Edit My Photos & Videos for Social Media – Part 2

Time for Part 2 of how I edit my photos & videos for social media. If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

With this tutorial, I found it easier to record what I did.

I’m new when it comes to recording things on my screen, so it’s a little glitchy. I probably should have closed some programs first!

I used Windows Movie Maker because before I had Adobe Creative Cloud, I needed something easy and preferably free. I searched online and found that Windows Movie Maker was a free program and looked easy enough to learn how to use. I also noticed it wasn’t on my new laptop, so I had to search for it online and download it. If you also can’t find it on your computer, you can find it here.

Even now that I have Adobe Creative Cloud, I find it easier to continue using Windows Movie Maker while I’m learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro.

So, here’s the recording of my process. I’ll have more details about what I’m doing in this video below.



  1. Open Windows Movie Maker and then open the video that you want to work on.
  2. Go up to “Edit” and find the “Video Volume” and if you’re like me, just turn it all the way down. I have to because I usually have my children yelling in the background. 🙂
  3. Then go over to the “Trim” tab and trim off anything you don’t need in the video. My recording glitched quite a bit here. But, just move the slider at the beginning and end of the video to where you want it. I ended up only needing to trim off some in the beginning, so I left the end alone. Make sure to click “Save Trim” when you’re done.
  4. Next, go to the “Speed” option and change it if needed. I change this so that it doesn’t go over a minute long for Instagram. Depending on where you’re uploading this video, you may or may not need to change this. If you do decide to, you can use one of their pre-programmed speeds or enter your own by typing directly into the box. You’ll notice the length of the video change below.
  5. Another thing you can do is change the brightness of the video. To do this, just go to the “Visual Effects” tab and move the slider to your desired brightness. I usually need to do this because the lighting here is horrible. Even with my lamp and daylight bulb.
  6. Now, to add a “watermark”. Go back to the “Home” tab and click on the video file to the right (I apologize for not knowing the correct terminology), so that you’re at the beginning of your video. Then click on the “Caption” button at the top. This will add a text box. Just type in whatever you’d like, then you can change the size, color, transparency, and font in the section above. (The font I use here is a personal font I created with my own writing.) Then make sure to change the “Text Duration” in the section above to last as long or a little longer than the video length. This way it will last the entire video and not disappear.
  7. That’s it! Now save your video. I save mine as is, without changing any of the settings, although you can experiment and change anything at anytime.

And that’s how I edit my videos the easy and free way. At this point, I just plug my phone to my computer and move my video over to it, then upload it to Instagram. Feel free to check out and try any other features in this Windows Movie Maker program. It’s actually very fun and easy to use.

This is in no way a professional or 100% correct tutorial. This is all in my own words as if I were to explain it to a friend. I apologize for any confusion and definitely recommend google-ing any part of this process if you need to.

You can also leave any comments or questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

*** These are my personal opinions and statements. I am not being paid or endorsed by any company mentioned in this post, in any way. ***

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  1. Chrystal,
    I’m totally thankful to see your tutorials using all the things I actually have and in normal friend to friend language! I am new to creating and sharing on social media and I keep thinking I need Adobe and Mac everything to actually do this well. I love seeing your work is on an android and a program I own. Thank you, thank you!!!!!

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